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Karst Investigations & Cave Mapping

  OET are leaders in characterizing project sites where karst activity, subsurface voids, fractures, and other geologic hazards are of concern.  Our state of the art suite of surface geophysical mapping tools allows us to rapidly assess the presence, extent, and degree of karst hazards and provide accurate and quantitative recommendations to our clients.  Specifically, the use of technologies such as Multi-Electrode Electrical Resistivity (MER) can not only delineate caves and fractures, but also can examine changes in porosity and hydrogeological behaviors that are associated with sinkhole activity and general karst terrain.  We typically compliment our MER surveys with seismic techniques such as

Multi-Channel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) to further quantify soil and rock densities within areas of concern.  Traditional drilling methods are often implemented subsequent to our geophysical mapping surveys to ground-truth these data and obtain physical samples from the subsurface zones of dissolution, fracturing and collapse.  This combined approach provides engineers with the most accurate and comprehensive database possible with which to properly design foundations or develop remediation plans for sites where karst activity will affect structural integrity.

Our full-scale karst mapping services include:

  • Surface geophysical mapping
  • Cone Penetration Testing (CPT)
  • Standard Penetration Testing (SPT)
  • Hydrogeological evaluations in karst terrain
  • Marine geophysical mapping

OET has performed karst investigations and cave mapping throughout the state of Florida, as well as throughout the Caribbean Islands and Bermuda.  Our years of experience using surface geophysical tools to perform these studies make us one of the foremost experts on determining the severity and extent of karst activity in virtually any terrestrial or submerged environment.

Mapping of limestone surface within active karst terrain in Pasco County, FL
Geophysical mapping of dry and wet cave systems along the Bermuda coastline
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