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Case Studies

Coastal and Marine Science
St. Petersburg Municipal Marina Water Quality and Hydrodynamic Modeling – Florida
Cove Bay Hydrodynamic and Geophysical Study – Anguilla, BWI
Rendezvous Bay Geotechnical and Hydrodynamic Study – Anguilla, BWI
Cap Juluca Geotechnical and Hydrodynamic Study – Anguilla, BWI
McKay Bay, FL, Geophysical Mapping and Sediment Analysis
Offshore Sediment Mapping and Characterization, US Atlantic East Coast
Hutchinson Island Geophysical Mapping for Horizontal Well Construction
Geophysical Mapping of Inland Waterways
Barbuda Storm Surge Hydrodynamic Modeling
Coquina Key Water Quality and Flushing Analysis – Florida
Huber’s Marina Water Quality and Flushing Analysis – Florida

Habitat Construction
Reef Habitat Construction Throughout Florida
Merrywing Pond Flushing and Habitat Construction – Anguilla, BWI
The Pub Reef Construction – Florida
Sand Dune Design and Construction – Florida
Temenos Estates Savannah Marsh Construction – Anguilla, BWI

Benthic Resources
Rendezvous Bay Benthic Resource Analysis – Anguilla, BWI
Coquina Key Benthic Resource Mapping – Florida
American Marine Benthic Resource Analysis and Sediment Mapping – Florida
Ethos at Little Bay Benthic Resource Analysis and EIA – Anguilla, BWI

Hydrogeology and Well Field Analysis/Design
Pinellas County Eldridge Wilde Wellfield – Florida
East Lake Road Wellfield – Florida
Vero Beach Western Wellfield - Florida
City of Deerfield – Florida
Village of Tequesta – Florida
North Springs Improvement District
Coral Springs Improvement District
ACME Improvement District
Lake Manatee Reservoir Water Resource Evaluation
St. Kitts/Nevis Hydrogeological Evaluation

Water Supply
Las Catalinas, Costa Rica
Guacamaya, Costa Rica
Las Rosadas, Mexico
Temenos Estates, Anguilla, BWI
St. Kitts/Nevis Hydrogeological Evaluation
Drax Hall, Jamaica
Baja, Mexico

Sinkhole Studies
Tampa Road, Palm Harbor, FL
Gleason Place Shopping Center, Lake City, FL
Countryside Christian Church Property, Safety Harbor, FL
Point West Condominiums, Pasco County, FL
1200+ Residential Sinkhole Cases

Large Scale Geotechnical Projects
Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla, BWI
South Hampton Resort, Bermuda
Temenos Estates, Anguilla, BWI
Gleason Place Shopping Center, Lake City, FL
Countryside Christian Church, Safety Harbor, FL
Point West Condominiums, Florida
The Club Resort, Anguilla, BWI.

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Coastal & Marine Science
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> Habitat Construction

> Water Resource Evaluations
> Well Field Design, Testing, and Permitting

> Karst Investigations & Cave Mapping
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